Elements in Brown
  • Elements in Brown

  • Acrylic on box canvas
  • 8 x 8
  • £35.00
  • One in a series of 4 paintings I have done. Two of the four were sold soon after I displayed them on this site for the first time, the 3rd one sold towards the end of 2006. This is the final one remaining. Abstract in style, the paintings were done using a palette knife, my fingers and thumb. I painted using the paint straight from the tube onto the canvas or the relevant tool. This seems to give the painting more depth, since you can really move the paint around as you work. Patterns that I had in mind when I began these paintings were inspired by nature - leaves, twigs, drops of rain. I also had an image of a tribal decoration which kept appearing - I think the repetitive dots and upright lines convey this sort of feeling. I have used acrylic paint and the painting is carried around the edges of the canvas, so there is no need for additional framing.

    Completion date: 1st August 2006

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