Hanging On The Telephone
  • Hanging On The Telephone

  • acrylic and ink on canvas
  • 26 x 18cm
  • unframed
  • Sold
  • An acrylic and ink painting of a surreal nature. An old-fashioned style of public telephone is utilised in a set-up of a scene incorporating a wig-stand and a top hat.The telephone cable is string which has been painted black, glued on and hangs between the two canvases. Inspired by Magritte's works and a sense of the unexpected occurring. Each canvas measures 5 x 7 inches and the painting can be arranged to suit your personal preference, as can be seen in the alternate views. Metric size of each canvas is 13 x 18cm

    Date of completion: 21st May 2009

    This painting is has now been sold, but if you would like to commission a similar piece, please contact me for further details.

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